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hello, pastries.

the wheels on the bus go round and round.

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We are pastries. We are magical desserts. Chances are, we hate you - a lot.
. . . word, :x:x:x, adventures in londonland, all-i-have-are-secrets, all-of-us-are-lost, anti-parents of cake, are you a friend?, aunts who are nuns, backwards editing, because you're my sister, big orange homophobes, bitching, bitching about you, bob of babelfish, borthdays, boto xcatherina, brain doctors, bunced, buncing borthdays, cake for vagrants, calling people woodworms, doctor who's stupid ears, el oh el, emoticons, excellente-as-the-spanish-senors-say, flapjacks, former hobos, grindin, hardcore to the maximum, hello pretentiousness, hypocrisy for whores, i eat brian, igby blowing his brother, jelly, joining rival chat groups, kajsa's hay porn, mocking, mocking you, mops with eyes, mr. jizz, munchkins, my poor brave wendy, newfoundland, nun parties, octopi, on da cross, one year hobo anniversary, pastries, pie cum unline, pizza!, poor dead cracklikehobos, rain slickers, randy + umuglyscaryboyfriend 4-evah, senorita-i-feel-for-you, shippahness, singing for your supper, sleeping with your ghost, squidgeh, stabbity-lindsay-die-pronto-kthx, stayin' alive, the mr. fix it's, the word 'fantastical', the-boys-are-back-in-town, the-supreme-hotness-of-aaron-echolls, their-love-knows-no-bounds, this thing called nostalgia, trent fucking tori, vegetarian joints, verification through medical diagnosis, wheels on the bus(goingroundandround), who's the muffin girl?, wine for children, y!m